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getting rid of cable

January 30, 2010 2 comments

well, today is the day that I call and cancel my cable subscription. today could not be a more appropriate testament to why i do not need my current subscription. i am away from the house on the weekends like most weekend so in total i only have 20 hours a week available to watch tv after getting home, and i don’t watch near 20 hours a week.

i referred to the alternatives that i would use in an earlier post: media solutions



January 29, 2010 3 comments

being a millennial and having one of those backgrounds of a rough sort i was amazed to see an interview with jay z who has a similar background where his appearance was far simpler than most other artists. this made me think about his rap career and how he has staying power and he is always relevant, and i think that is the same for the average person living the minimalist lifestyle you have staying power. you are always relevant and therefore relatable, and therefore more apt to have success in multiple arenas. you get rid of all the material things and you become clean simple, and universal much like jay z. minimalism then in some sense leads to innovation. for instance this video is much more innovative than most rap videos with being simple.

organizing the house

being full of minimalist thought these days, i noticed when taking a shave that we have ancient products in our bathroom cabinet. it is pretty ridiculous, i live with my girlfriend and very cute dog, what the heck are all of these products for. not to mention the fact that we have went and bought brand new products four times over while some of the same products (really old products) lay dormant in our cabinet. something must be done, and so i found some organizing tips for bathrooms from here is the article:

media solutions

January 23, 2010 2 comments

one of the most difficult things for me to grasp as a consumer is paying for something that you do not use. i like cable as much as the next person, but there are times where i rarely watch my television. growing up i did not have cable and i would venture to say i had a more productive lifestyle. plus cable prices are absurd for a service you do not use 24.7, currently i am researching alternatives to digital cable, and have come up with a list of things. this list is only for tv solutions not internet, because the speed of cable internet is unmatched in the U.S.


  1. read a book or a journal article
  2. netflix
  3. sites like
  4. satelite
  5. tv nights at other people’s houses


  1. as a society we have taken the fun out of discovery, hunting is an age old deal and you will definitely be better informed, maybe not as entertained, but i recommend print for getting your news.
  2. netflix is a great alternative. i would recommend netflix through a netflix ready device. i have a free trial, and the speed and clarity of my xbox’s application is unbeatable.
  3. of course the web is full of resources maybe you are not able to be the prime time hound watching your favorite tv shows the day of, but a day later is fine if you are paying less.
  4. satelite is a cheaper alternative to cable, but not a great internet solution.
  5. why not enjoy the company of people you can tolerate while watching a program, and making a routine thing of it. in this way you are benefiting from others materialistic ways and can’t reciprocate but some people are fine with that.


i am a 20 something that has had a tough life, and have realized the things that are most important in life. as the cliche goes those things are free. what matters to me is learning, innovation, love, and success. i have learned through what my father taught me that all of those things are important. unfortunately i lost my dad and best friend at 11 years old. this blog is dedicated to the way he lived his life (being successful while wearing the same torn overalls everyday, and driving an old rusted chevy pick-up) and after a materialistic phase and consumer minded thinking the way i live mine. this blog is about my journey and how i can learn, innovate, love and succeed while being a minimalist, and not only succeed but take over the world.

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