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minimalist valentine’s day solutions

yes i am one of those people who have a grudge against the commercial form that valentine’s day exists in, and also one of those people who do not acknowledge it as a holiday. however i do think the thought behind it is grand although i feel this should happen at least once a month if not more (affection toward a person to express emotion for them).

reading an article on the history of what is now valentine’s day you can see that it is a pretty well thought out well marketed day: the article. in order to celebrate the sincere purpose of valentine’s day what about the day makes it special? well in the perspective of the general populous the answer includes:

  1. love: what does love consists of, well for our purposes i think the most important part of love is sacrifice, what could you give up for valentine’s day? time, energy, or a prized possession.
  2. passion: having passion is the thing that drives a relationship in the first few months, but for some reason passion gets transferred into trivial short-term short-sided issues which probably belong more in the business category than lover or passion. how do you get passion back? well think about it what drove passion for the relationship back in the day? was it attraction physical or emotional? what were some of the flirting rituals used, re-create a moment? let them know how you feel in writing, or through song or video.

that is all i have, what can you think of? as one last parting gift i have a good friend who purposely starts an argument before birthdays, and holidays, funny in a satirical way, but not a good feel.

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