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minimalist definitions

recently i read a post over at becoming minimalist that emphasized customizing being a minimalist to your own style. here is what being minimalist means to me:

not living in excess

we live in a world that attributes value to things, even objects as basic as a simple nic nac that only looks good. being a person who has moved and changed living environments four times in the last 3 years excess in the home has no purpose for me. i let things come into focus that are useful and relevant to what i want in life right now; learning, innovation, love, and success if my things don’t contribute to that they don’t belong right now, maybe they’ll make the team in a few years. even my personal style reflects this as i emphasized in my first innovation post.

quality over quantity (material)

minimalism emphasizes quality over quantity for example a material possession for me must have a few qualities:

  1. longevity
  2. effectiveness
  3. staying power

a lot of times finding these three qualities in a product means that i have to go for the upgrade in terms of price. cheaper is not always better, and doesn’t always save you money. i need to be sure that when spending a large chunk of change that the product will last, be relevant, and do what i need it to do.

quality over quantity (what actually matters)

a big factor in this world of ours is time, and how you spend your time is important. i like to spend a lot of my time now failing at trying to achieve something great (i’m doing it now). i have to value something like time in a way that doesn’t allow me to spend all of my minutes in front of the television watching something that doesn’t inspire me, motivate me, or engage me intellectually (both fiction and non-fiction can do these things just make sure what you watch is relevant to your goals at the moment).

i also take inventory of who the people around me are. i don’t take this factor as a friendship ender but i try to make sure that i stay in touch with those friends who are motivated dreamers who i can talk about reaching the stars with without them slapping me back down to earth. negativity from others may breed the type of failure you don’t want the type that stays on you like a bad smell, be careful and stay focused on what is important remember quality over quantity.

minimalism is positivity

for me minimalism breeds positivity because it allows me to be concerned with things that are not material, and it takes away distractions. instead of worrying about money i worry about the next big thing i’m always moving forward. i have a lot of room to think clearly and focus, and that takes practice when you begin a minimalist journey.

being able to give

after starting on my minimalist journey my bank account rose and i was actually on the side of the minority of americans who had a decent size savings. that gives me the ability to help people that i care most about, or buy a gift for someone at a time where they are not expecting it. doing for others, and being their in a supportive way with no strings attached feels really good, and solidifies that person’s love and trust for you the things that actually matter.

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