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living like a soldier

living a minimalist lifestyle often includes motivation. that’s why there are so many blogs on the internet they are sources of motivation for those who read them as well as those who publish them. i like to think outside the box, and so i often find motivation for being minimalist in a variety of places. find a little variety in the things you  research for  your path of minimalism.

we often talk about the benefits of minimalism but do not focus on the idea of minimalism itself. you’re probably asking how many ways can you define minimalism? bare with me while i give you a snapshot of the way one form of minimalist lives.

live like a soldier

there are about 1.4 million active duty military personnel  around the globe. a small percentage of military personnel are actually ground troops or combat forces. the way that a soldier in combat packs accommodates things like climate, terrain, and tactics. the soldiers equipment is broken down into three primary bags.

  • the rucksack which is commonly known in America as a backpack. in the rucksack is nothing but the essentials, if a soldier had to camp out for the night it would be with this bag. the rucksack typically has 27 items in it which includes things like a pancho, an entrenching tool, extra clothes, soap and shampoo.

  • duffle bag number one which has about 18 items in it including things like socks, bdu pants, combat boots, and a sleeping mat.
  • duffle bag number two which includes about 13 items of outfitting to endure cold weather like bear suit pants, field jacket, wool scarf, and a parka.

why are you telling us this?

well if the boys and girls in the armed services can literally survive with so little equipment for an extended amount of time why can’t we at home. i am not saying live from three bags, but rather divide your priorities into three categories to weather all of the factors and concerns in your particular situation.

here is what i am talking about, think of the three most important things in your life right now. to be honest they may originally break down into the most time consuming. below is a generic list. under each category evaluate your necessities and what you need to do the best possible job. think about how you can improve the quality of your categories while creating your list.

eventually your three categories will change as we as human beings adapt.  you should keep evolving your list items as you evolve, maybe a 6 month review will be effective for you, or maybe an annual review.

  1. the dream
    • what equipment do i need to be successful in my pursuit of….?
    • what will i sacrifice to make more time for practice?
  2. family
    • what are the essential things my family needs to be happy?
    • what does my family not need to be happy?
  3. the day job
    • what are the essential things i need to do my job well?
    • in what ways can i make room for creative work on the job?

so……what are your three categories?

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