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but i’m different | 5 ways to innovate

“but i’m different i can’t base what i’m gone be off of what everybody isn’t.” -jay z

previously i wrote a short post about innovation highlighting why jay z has had staying power in the music industry after 11 great mainstream albums. i suggested that his minimalist appearance and approach to music kept him relevant. this post is all about innovation of self (daring to be different).

the quote above cannot describe any better what an innovator is; someone who goes against the grain. that’s a simple enough idea to grab and run with, but what is “indivation” (i just made that up ignore it if it sounds wack). being an individual who is an innovator is much like being a company that is regarded as innovative.

you have to be ahead of the curve, and be willing to go out on a limb and beat your chest about something you believe in but others don’t see yet. in the clip provided russell simmons a career ceo speaks about what innovation has done for him.

5 ways to be innovative as an individual | “indivative” (devrived from the hopefully non-whack “indivation”)

1. get it through your head that innovation is not success, they are not the same. depending on your definition of success we all know it takes time to be successful.

as russell said the great thing about being an innovator is that you can start now. just think, what are the things you do only because you are expected to do them? after you have answered that question answer a second, which of those things do you not really care for as an individual? innovation is going against the norm or expectations of society or social circles, so once you get rid of things that you don’t care for all the more room for the things you do care for.

2. find your niche. we have all been in situations where we are speaking and in our mind whether during the convo or after we are asking, “whose talking right now, is that me?” usually after that question is asked you begin to think about who you are and what you value. if you are like me you think about where you are from as well.

those thoughts are your niche; the key to  a person that you can be but that no one else can. sometimes it isn’t only what you say but how you say it. next time you are out notice the way your tone, and sound emphases change based on who you are speaking with.

you want to find your niche and hold on to it, when you are having discussions with people take a pause and think about what you will say and how you will say what you want to say. this pause may seem awkward at first and that is fine, it will take practice. a good way to practice at first may be to rehearse convos you’ve had and did not like in front of the mirror.  the truer you are to your self the more you will stand out.

3. once you find your personality niche it won’t be hard to find your niche in other categories like your work. think about something you want to do then think about your personality how can you do something in a way that hasn’t been seen on a large scale. how can you use the power of you to think in your own way. focus on what makes you different as a person and bring that into your wildest dreams.

4. stay one step ahead. the power of now is important but being innovative like the man said is thinking about what isn’t and having foresight. what isn’t there (out in the world) is something you should think about when you think about how to apply your personality to a venture.

5. as a message to haters, do things to make them respect your conglomerate (personality, style, drive, whoever you are). as the quote above indicates don’t let anyone tell you that something won’t work or that you can’t do something; you can’t base who you are or what you do off of what everybody else isn’t.

let’s not forget when you’re an innovator you are going against the grain and you will be met with a lot of opposition. keep moving forward if you believe in what you do. put a lot of work into it and you are more likely to succeed.

even more important than overcoming opposition and hard work is learning from failures and successes alike. learning is also something that will make you stand apart because many people try things once and put it out to pasture if it does not work automatically. in a study done by  the non-profit kauffman foundation 78% of founders said that learning from failures was important. the foundation also found that 88% of founders said that learning from success was important.

so there you have it learning from failure and success will give you a positive outlook on your ventures because every action in pursuit of your dreams is valuable. the innovative person evolves, and there is no better way of evolving as a person than learning what not to do, and learning what works.

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