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wake up

when i wake up i want to start a new day, and a new view of life. i want to feel fresh, i want to feel like i can take over the world. who would not want to wake up and feel as though the day before they had climbed a montain, and yelled at the top of their lungs.


i embrace the day through music.“words make you think a thought. music makes you feel a feeling. a song makes you feel a thought.” -e. y. harburg

if i have a feel good morning it does not necessarily mean i start that morning with a positive upbeat song, it is anything that motivates me and makes me feel like myself. when i hear a lyric it should sound like something i would say.

“i want it all, thats why I strive for it, i know that it’s coming, i just hope that i’m alive for it.” -drake

it’s a lyric like this that makes me feel that i know myself and i am comfortable with who i am, and i can bottle that up and take over my day as one step of taking over the world. or maybe it’s something by kings of leon, “off in the night while you live it up I’m off to sleep, waging wars to shake the poet and the beat i hope it’s gonna make you notice.” those words make me feel as though all i need to do is be myself and good things will come, some one will notice.


next i hop in the shower and i make it a point to make that a time for relaxation. i start to project out my dreams and my ultimate goals as if i have already achieved them. this helps me think through the short term stressful things and get to the reason behind those things, what i ultimately want in life and what is really important. after you think about that it is a good thing to also think about what you have to do that day, but only how you will successfully achieve those things. this  really puts your day in perspective.

having a good breakfast

usually my good morning will include a decent breakfast, not anything too serious, just something filling, maybe even left overs, or something like a bowl of cereal in the morning will do the trick. but if you really get a prize like the one above, it makes for a great feeling.

self-interview (yeah you heard me)

i aspire to be featured on a late night show, something like letterman, or what used to be leno. i actually think about my responses to interview questions. those answers are usually about something i just accomplished, or  simple truths about my background. this is another way of finding my center for the day, knowing exactly who i am and owning it.

the one thing i must have

out of all of these things that compile my best morning the one thing that i must have is music. it just makes me feel right, take one of the best wake up songs ever for instance, this just makes you feel like holding the world in your palm:

so what is the one thing you cannot go without in the morning:

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