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as a minimalist the idea is to possess little, and give more. hence the quality of possessions is critical, you have more money free to ensure what litle “stuff” you do buy is of quality. no matter how you slice it you have things that you need as necessities. so in a way those things that you have should be “versatile.”  good decision making is a must as well. i hope to give you an idea of what i mean through a lesson my dad taught me when i was just a boy.

the lesson

my dad was always a good cook, and as a boy i admired how he a man could go from working with cattle to working in the kitchen, doing what was percieved then and sadly still now as woman’s work. one evening as he was preparing supper i asked to learn to cook. i cannot recall exactly what he was cooking but it was definately the meal of a seasoned chef. my dad told me, “in the morning i will teach you to cook.”

the morning

a father taught his son that morning to cook an egg. why? well at the time i did not know but not only did i learn to make an egg scrambled, fried, and boiled, i also learned a great life lesson.

  1. be versatile, which means the egg can be adapted many ways. as i had more lessons in cooking i understood some of the foods that people eat in the black culture. a common theme amongst slave quarters were receiving scraps and finding ways to make meals. the manipulation of the egg is similar. and by starting with that as a foundation, i understood a key thing about cooking and about life. anything can be versatile.
  2. there’s more than one way to do something. the egg represents the fact that there is no one way of getting to a desired outcome or destination. in most cases there are far more than two ways to acheive an outcome. the egg allows you options, and it allows you to do something with flare, or just plain and simple.

my father taught me a great life lesson that morning, one which i will give back by teaching my daughter, and any kids to come after. it means a lot that a simple lesson can have so much significance. make sure the things you own are as versatile as the first meal i learned, and make sure you are thinking about every possible way you can to achieve something and even understand something that is important a key in decision making.

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