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“a classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”

-italo calvino


the only thing that has ever mattered in life is a legacy, and the only people to beat death where legends. minimalism allows you the opportunity to be timeless and ever existent. minimalists are always useful, and therefore truly immortal. the fact that a minimalist is not pre-occupied with things that are not timeless is reason enough to believe that minimalism is timeless. just in case it is not here are a few reasons to believe this bold statement.


the minimalist has a long term strategy with money. if you don’t spend it you save it. families who have strong legacies always had a spring board. most millionaires are not self-made in fact they had opportunities based on what economic status their family had. there are very few self-made millionaires in the traditional sense. those families usually have a strong legacy as something that benefits their lives (money) has been passed down. but as you all know that’s not important money’s not important.


if you think about what your family and the people you impact will look like deades form now what will you leave them. often we don’t think about those who have passed in terms of money, but in terms of merit and honesty. basically the characteristics you carry with you, and unlike most people minimalist exhibit the characteristics that actually matter all of the time when most people never practiced it much but when they did it mattered.


“my swagga is mick jagger anytime i’m on the track i asthma attack it.” -kanye west

there are many musicians that are still on tour and successfully i might add. those musicians are timeless because they typically stay away from the gimicks of the time. as a minimalist you are not trendy, even though you do have a swagga because part of minimalism is showing personality and not wearing it. you focus on things like fun, love, passion, and you will have a timeless swag about you.

leaving a path

when you are a minimalist you focus on the important qualities of life. the things that most people take for granted you free yourself up for. you live a passionate life and you are timeless because how many passionate lives will come after you.

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