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getting rid of cable

January 30, 2010 2 comments

well, today is the day that I call and cancel my cable subscription. today could not be a more appropriate testament to why i do not need my current subscription. i am away from the house on the weekends like most weekend so in total i only have 20 hours a week available to watch tv after getting home, and i don’t watch near 20 hours a week.

i referred to the alternatives that i would use in anĀ earlier post: media solutions


organizing the house

being full of minimalist thought these days, i noticed when taking a shave that we have ancient products in our bathroom cabinet. it is pretty ridiculous, i live with my girlfriend and very cute dog, what the heck are all of these products for. not to mention the fact that we have went and bought brand new products four times over while some of the same products (really old products) lay dormant in our cabinet. something must be done, and so i found some organizing tips for bathrooms from here is the article: