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simplicity’s complexity

often as a minimalist we take for grated the complexity of the things that simplify our lives. think about the things that you use that are versatile or do multiple things, on a certain level they are simple but maybe on a scientific level they are complex. george whitesides talks about this specific paradox.

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a journey to minimalism | lemonade and a good year

when i think of what drives the minimalist in me i think about conversations with my father about what things were really important in the world. these conversations usually happened between him and i over a glass of lemonade, or amongst him and his friends while doing mechanic work. every journey to minimalism is different, but we can all find value in stories of how people got to their minimalist place. for this reason i decided to take this blog to recommend a movie, which is about a journey of a man who lived a severely excessive, and socially driven lifestyle but then discovered the serenity in the simple things.

in this ridley scott movie max skinner a hot shot on the london exchange finds his way back to┬áthe simple life he once lived. while i recommend this film i do not want to give the story away for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure yet. so let’s focus on the things that motivated max to live the simple life.

  1. the experience of past pleasures, you know the simple things. max was put into a situation where he had the opportunity to experience things that he experienced as a child. an old house he grew up in and the games he played there. as my story goes i did something similar and rediscovered the pleasure of discourse as a child over a glass of lemonade. think about it, if it is lemonade for me how many places can i experience lemonade and a discussion with a loved one? there is ample opportunity right, well it’s something i love which doesn’t have a huge price tag hanging from it. ┬áminimalism for me is about appreciating those simple things.
  2. “we can buy our way out of jail but we can’t buy freedom, we buy a lot of things but we don’t really need them, the things we buy to cover up what’s inside.” -kanye west max comically realizes what this quote means during the movie. for a guy that is used to luxury vehicles and expensive tailored clothes he finds that the most basic of vehicles do the most important thing, getting you where you need to go. he also finds that clothing does not make the man, but the man makes the clothing.
  3. max struggles with finding entertainment in his situation. early in the movie we get a snapshot of max’s life in london, which consisted of a high-social status which was accompanied by fine meals and hard alcohol. the hard alcohol was symbolic of max’s pace in life. everything fast, and of high impact. he eventually finds another symbolic object when re-discovering his childhood; wine. the idea of wine was to suggest that a slow, tasted (taking time to smell the roses) life was far more rewarding than a fast high impact lifestyle which often has an equally fast resolution.

if there is anything that my own journey has shown me, it is the pleasure i find in the most basic things. having a long drawn out discussion about the simple philosophies of life for instance. i have re-established this ritual in my everyday life, and not only is it entertaining but it is highly beneficial. you learn the most exciting things when having a discussion with a person who has had different experiences than you. so think about the simple activities that you love and make it a priority to experience those things often, they are a constant reminder of what you don’t need.

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